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7 Tips When Choosing the Best Bathroom Tiles for Your Home

choosing bathroom tiles

As you build your house, you want to make it feel like your own home, make it feel like it’s truly yours — this is the same feeling you should want to achieve as you design your bathroom.

Now, while everyone has their own room, their own den or space that they can call their own, home bathrooms are usually a communal area — a shared space for the entire family to enjoy. This means you have to note each and everyone’s preferences before deciding how to design it!

You want to make sure we balance out and cater to all the needs of your family without sacrificing the aesthetic and the best way to do that? By designing your bathroom with the right tiles!

So how do we go about designing your bathroom with the right tiles? Let’s begin!

Choosing The Best Bathroom Tiles for your Bathroom

Determine Your Budget

Before even beginning at your bathroom tile options, decide how much you can and are willing to spend. 

Knowing your budget will help you choose tiles without it causing any inconvenience. Tiles can be very cheap or very expensive, so having a budget will help you find tiles that look good and fit your price range.

Consider the Size of the Tiles

Depending on whether you want your bathroom to look bigger or cosier, note that the size of the tiles can easily change that perception!

Big tiles can make a small bathroom seem larger, while small tiles, like mosaics, can add interesting details. Think about the look you want to achieve and pick a type of tile that matches it.

Think About Maintenance

Different tiles need different kinds of care. For example, natural stone tiles might need sealing and regular upkeep, while ceramic or porcelain tiles are usually easier to clean and take care of. 

Think about your lifestyle and how much time you can spend on maintaining your bathroom tiles.

Select a Colour Scheme

The colour of your tiles will set the mood for your bathroom so pick according to what kind of mood you’re in for.

Note that light colours can make a small bathroom feel bigger and brighter, while dark colours add a touch of elegance and cosiness. Think about your home’s overall design and choose colours that match it.

Consider the Tile Material

What do you want your tiles to do? Think about your theme and pick tiles that match it!

There are different types of tiles to help make your vision reality. Ceramic tiles are flexible and not expensive, porcelain tiles are tough and waterproof, and natural stone tiles feel fancy. What fits your lifestyle best?

Think Long-Term

Trends come and go, but your bathroom tiles will last a long time. Although trendy styles might be tempting, consider choosing a timeless design that you’ll always like. 

Don’t know where to start? Classic colours and patterns are always attractive and can increase the value of your home when you sell it– should you decide to sell it. 

An added tip? Make it a family event!

Involve your entire family in the decision-making process. Ask them what they prefer in their bathroom, whether they want to make it feel light and airy or maybe they want a lot of sunlight to seep in?

By involving them, you are making sure that everyone is part of the process and will be happy with the outcome! Creating a bathroom that is not just for you but for your family as well!

Having a complete say in what kind of tiles and other materials will be used in your bathroom, helps make your bathroom truly your own.

By choosing according to your preferences, your budget and your plans for the future, you can easily create a bathroom that is warm, inviting and will not break the bank!

Let us Help you Choose the Right Bathroom Tiles!

With the wide selections we have over at our store, you’ll have no problem in being able to buy exactly the tiles you want in creating your dream bathroom! Our designs allow you to embrace your own style without breaking a sweat.

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