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5 Creative Ways to Use Subway Tiles for your Interior Design

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Whenever you think of tiles and use them as more than flooring for your homes, one of the first applications that comes to mind is using them to decorate your home and office walls and spaces. And, one thing that cannot be ignored now that we’re talking about tiles is the timelessness of the classic subway tiles — one of the earliest times where tiles were used to decorate walls. 

Since then, tiles — with its heat-resistance features, varied designs and customizable instalments possible (depending on the shape), have been a staple of interior design, making it an option for clients and designers to use for their own homes. 

If you’re thinking of using wall tiles for your own home, then it might be time to consider the all-time classic: subway tiles. Here’s how it can elevate your space with comfort and class, anywhere within your house!

Using Subway Tiles for All Areas in your Home

Back to the Classics in the Kitchen

Subway tiles are well-known for being used in kitchen backsplashes, giving your home’s central space a classic and stylish look. You can choose white subway tiles with dark grout for a strong contrast that shows off the tiles’ beauty. Or, go for coloured subway tiles to bring some personality and charm to your kitchen style.

Whatever colour or style you use, know that by using any kind of subway tiles for your kitchen, you can easily give your kitchen that homey kitchen vibe we have come to associate with the 90s! 

Use as a Modern Twist in the Bathroom

In the bathroom, using subway tiles can help elevate your bathroom and make it look modern. By  using big subway tiles that cover the whole wall you not only protect your walls from all the water that is commonly associated with bathrooms but also give it that modern up-to-date look that brings your bathroom to this century.

For this, you can definitely try different designs, like vertical or herringbone patterns, to make your bathroom look more interesting and stylish.

Use it to Accent your Living Room 

These tiles make the perfect accents! Extend the use of subway tiles beyond kitchens and bathrooms by using them as stylish accents in your living room. Make a striking centrepiece by putting subway tiles around your fireplace, giving the room some texture and flair. 

You can also use these tiles to make a fashionable feature wall or as a backsplash for your built-in shelves, displaying your decorative items in a stylish way — bringing personality to your living room and shared spaces!

Use it for your Outdoor Designs 

Why just keep it inside the house? Expand your design ideas outdoors by adding subway tiles to your outdoor areas. Use them to make a fashionable backsplash for your patio or cover outdoor kitchen countertops — bringing colour to your outdoor spaces that everyone can see!

Along with this, it is also important to note that subway tiles are great for outside because they can handle moisture well and are easy to clean, making them a practical option for improving the look of your outdoor space.

And last but not least,

Use your Tiles as actual Floor Tiles 

Of course, you can always use tiles for what it was actually made for — as floor tiles. Get creative by using subway tiles to make eye-catching patterns on your floors. Whether you go for a classic herringbone style or a cool geometric design, subway tiles can bring an artistic flair to your rooms. Play around with different tile colours to get the look you want and make a flooring masterpiece that’s both beautiful and long-lasting.

In the end, using subway tiles in your interior design opens up lots of creative options and gives you that artistic opportunity for self-expression, designing your spaces exactly how you want it to be!

 Whether you want a classic or modern look, subway tiles can make any space stylish and useful. Try out different designs, colours, and ways to use them to let your creativity shine and make interiors that are both pretty and practical.

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