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Getting Started

Decide what the goal of the renovation is.

Are you going to renovate to add comfort and live in it long term?

Or, is it a quick flip to put on the market? If it is a quick flip, consider getting valuations from local real estate

agents. Is the market looking to go up or down in value? Is it worthwhile spending money for a decent
return, or is it just a matter of ‘sit & wait’ and make a profit without renovating all together?

Determine your budget

Obtain some quotes; will you do some DIY or will it all be done by tradespeople? Assess the differences in costs. Consider if DIY will save you money or will cost you more in the long run?

Do you need to organize and finance?

Will the renovation mean you can still live on-site if it is your current home, or will you need to consider alternate accommodation for a period of time?

If you need to move out or you don’t live on the property, also consider what you need to do to secure the site and protect it from theft.

Consider if you need planning approvals? Are there any renovation restrictions? Is the property of age and under heritage restrictions?

Don’t just think you can get in and knock down walls straight off. You may need to get a professional to make sure you don’t have any load bearing walls – if you knock these down you risk collapse. Similarly, some walls may have major plum, electrical or glass lines, so consider what may be behind them before
planning gets underway.

Determine the timeline

Consider what order to renovate first, if there is more than one room or area on the list.

Consider tradie timelines and availability; how much notice do they need?

Be flexible for any hiccups along the way.

Allow time for final touch ups.

Determine what you want the renovation to look like once it’s done.

Do your research; have a look at apps like Pinterest, look at magazines, go to display homes or villages. Take photos or save ones you really love and discard ones that don’t really attract your attention. After a while, you will notice a common thread.

Develop specific design ideas once your research is complete.

Be flexible with your choices but don’t be swayed by someone else’s ideas; listen to their points of view if they are talking from experience – is it practice advice, is it financially feasible or are they just trying to sell HOME where you will be living, meaning you will be living with these choices daily. Be comfortable with the look and feel; don’t just sweat the small stuff. There are bigger things in life that are more important.


Stay on budget

Don’t be swayed by emotions, particularly if you are renovating to flip. Cut the emotional strings and remember why you are renovating in the first place.

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