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How Patterned Tiles Influence and Set the Mood of the Room

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When it comes to designing your own space and room, the goal is usually to make sure it screams “you”. Most prefer to incorporate elements of their own likes and dislikes such as posters of their favourite shows or even furniture from their favourite era. However we do it, setting the mood of the room to match who we are is one of the ways we make a space, ours.

With this, aside from furniture and posters, one of the best ways to truly personalise your room is through permanent changes: wall decorations, the colour of paint in your walls and by the tiles you have in your room.

Enter patterned tiles. Despite the aesthetic value it provides, the truth is patterned tiles aren’t just for looks; they actually have the power to change how a room feels. Knowing how they do this can help you make rooms that match the emotions and vibes you want — truly making your space your own! 

The Power of Patterns

Patterns strongly affect how we see and feel things. They can bring out various emotions, make things more visually appealing, and even change how we act. In interior design, patterned tiles are really important for setting a room’s mood, and here are some of the most common tiles and how they are used to immediately set the vibe of the room!

Add a Touch of Energy with Vibrant Patterns

Bold and vibrant patterns inject energy and dynamism into a room, making it look like a room full of life even when there’s no one around!

Colours like fiery reds, electric blues, and sunny yellows can uplift moods and create a sense of vitality. These patterns are perfect for areas where you want to foster creativity and enthusiasm, such as home offices, studios, or playrooms.

Calm and Peaceful with Subtle Patterns

On the other end of the spectrum, subtle patterns in soft hues can induce feelings of calmness and relaxation — making it the perfect motif and design when you are creating a room meant for resting such as a bedroom. 

Pastel shades, gentle swirls, and delicate motifs contribute to a serene atmosphere, making them ideal for bedrooms, meditation corners, or spa-inspired bathrooms.

Classic Elegance with Geometry

Geometric patterns give a classic and classy look that fits many design styles. Whether it’s simple chevrons or complex tessellations, these patterns bring a touch of elegance and organisation to a room. They’re especially great for fancy spots like dining rooms, entryways, or chic lounges.

They work wonders for giving that elegant vibe in your room, making it the best style if you think you’ll be receiving guests or hosting parties often!

Get in touch with Nature with Floral Patterns

Bring the outdoors inside with floral and nature-inspired patterns. These tiles breathe life into any room, infusing it with a touch of whimsy and natural beauty. Whether it’s a botanical-themed kitchen backsplash, a garden-inspired bathroom floor, or a leafy accent wall in the living room, these patterns bring a breath of fresh air to your interiors.

Strike Balance by Mixing Different Patterns

While using patterned tiles can be exhilarating, it’s essential to strike a balance to avoid overwhelming the space. Mixing and matching patterns strategically can create visual interest without creating chaos. Consider combining large-scale patterns with smaller ones, or using patterns in complementary colours to achieve harmony.

Expanding your Space with Optical Illusions

Patterned tiles can change how we see a room. Optical tricks from patterns like chevrons, stripes, or hexagons can make a space look bigger, cosier, or more lively, depending on how they’re arranged and designed.

These kinds of designs are perfect when you want to make a room bigger than it actually is for example, if you want a small room to feel less cramped or if you want to make a big room feel just a little bit smaller and cosier!

Show your Personality with Loud Patterns

For the adventurous souls who love to push boundaries, loud patterns offer endless possibilities. Mix and match different styles, colours, and motifs to create a truly unique and personalised space that reflects your personality and tastes.

These loud patterns can be random — a variety of shapes, themes and styles that may not make sense to everyone but in the end, it’s all about giving a loud vibe. As soon as a guest walks into the room, these patterns will definitely be the centre of attention!

Patterned tiles are flexible design pieces that can really change how a room feels. Whether you want a lively, peaceful, fancy, or playful vibe, picking the right patterns and colours can help you make rooms that match your feelings and taste. By using this along with incorporating other elements into your room such as furniture, fixtures and little trinkets here and there, you are able to truly personalise your space and make it yours!

Remember,  try out different patterns first to see which speaks to you and resonate with who you are and see how they bring your spaces to life with their own unique style and appeal!

Let’s Bring Personality into your Room!

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