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OxiTreat+ 1L problem solvers


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Professional Grade Heavy Duty Grout Haze, Grime, Soap Scum Cleaner & Disinfectant

OxiTreat ™ formulated with latest, cutting edge ActivePlus™ technology, is a professional grade, fast acting, concentrated acid cleaner, degreaser and commercial grade disinfectant. Formulated to kill odours, disinfect, sanitise plus remove in ground dirt, grout haze, light epoxy grout haze, cement smear, efflorescence, pencil, rust, grime, soap scum, bore water stains, mould & mildew. Helps inhibit mould growth.

Ideal for areas that have been neglected or subject to heavy use. For indoor, outdoor, domestic & commercial areas e.g. hotels, shopping centres, resorts, restaurants, apartments etc Safe for food floor preparation areas.


  • ActivePlus™ Antibacterial Action & Commercial Grade Disinfectant
  • Kills Odours, Bacteria and Germs. Cleans, Disinfects and Sanitises
  • Highly Concentrated Heavy Duty Acid Formula – Dilution from 1:20
  • Cleans Grout Haze, Dirt, Grime, Soap Scum, Rust, Efflorescence etc
  • Kills E-Coli & S Aures – Passes TGA Test for Commercial Disinfectant

SURFACE USE: For acid resistant surfaces including Porcelain and Ceramics Tiles, Pavers, Mosaics, Terracotta, Engineered Stone, Acid Resistant Natural Stone e.g. Bluestone, Granite, Sandstone etc.

ADDITIONAL USES: For household and commercial use. Ideal for living areas, bathrooms, kitchens, laundries etc. For commercial use e.g. hotels, motels, resorts, schools, child care, aged care, holiday parks, shopping centres, retail outlets, restaurants, bars and more.

Also available in 4L.

This item is sold per unit.

SKU: 136-001

Click to view OxiTreat Technical Bulletin | OxiTreat Trouble Shooting Guide | OxiTreat Safety Data Sheet.


Picking up

You may choose to pick up your order from our warehouse at 10 Roussell Road, Eastern Creek NSW.  Orders are to be collected in full, or partially. Partial pickups must be arranged prior to payment.  Goods may be invoiced per pick up.  Full pallets will not be broken down unless arranged prior to payment.

Manual hand loading of items remains the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle. Good Buy Tiles staff may refuse to load you if the load or vehicle is deemed unsafe.

Goods can be loaded on:

a) utility vehicles with clear access or

b) Pantech trucks or barn door vans with straps / angles / restraining points.

If goods cannot be restrained, goods will need to be loaded manually by the driver, and will be the sole responsibility of the driver.

Good Buy  Tiles will not be responsible for any damage or losses occurred by manual loading / unloading of items. If you have any questions regarding the loading / unloading of items, please ask Good Buy Tiles staff prior collection.


Orders can be arranged to be delivered through third party transport companies. Good Buy Tiles does not endorse any transport companies but can provide you with contact details if you so wish to organize your own delivery.

Items are packed differently by each manufacturer; each pallet will vary in terms of weight and dimensions.

Request a quote for delivery using the contact form on our website to determine the best price for delivery.


Orders can be stored for up to 3 months free of charge from the date of invoice, after which storage fees will apply at $50 per pallet per week. Storage fees are payable prior to collection.



It is the responsibility of the customer to check the goods prior to collection from our premises or on delivery if goods are delivered by a third party. It is the responsibility of the customer and tiler to check the goods prior to laying as no claims will be entertained after tiles have been laid.

Tile sizes are nominal sizes only and do not refer to the actual size of the product purchased. If you would like to know the exact size of a tile, please ask for the exact size of the batch you are intending to purchase prior to ordering and payment. Size variations adhere to Australian and International standards. Tiles are fired at high temperatures and will vary from the nominal size as stated.

Tiles may also differ between shades and production batches. This is standard practice in the tile industry. If you require items for a job continuation, please inform us at the time of ordering and we will advise you whether or not the same batch is available. We will endeavour to assist you as best we can.

Prior to laying any tiles the tiler, builder or homeowner must:

  1. Inspect the tiles for any defect.
  2. Check that all tiles supplied to the site are the correct quantity, colour, shade and size as ordered or selected.
  3. Check that the shades are consistent through the batch supplied.
  4. Ensure that the quantity of tiles on site are sufficient for the project and if insufficient more tiles of the same batch should be ordered prior to the commencement of any work.
  5. To make sure that blending of any inherent shade variation occurs, please mix tiles from different boxes.
  6. Ensure all Polished or Honed Porcelain Tiles must be thoroughly cleaned and sealed unless it is “Pre-sealed”.
  7. Understand that some Polished Porcelain Tiles may have a smoky, hazy, smudgy type effect on the surface at certain angles. This is not a defect in the tile but an inherent characteristic.  See Staff for more information.
  8. Should not expect your polished porcelain to reflect as a mirror does as its surface is not completely smooth.


Porous Natural Stone and Ceramic Tiles are a natural product and some variation can be expected in shade and size. Australian Standards define the acceptable variation and imperfections allowable in any batch.

We will not accept any claims for replacement, repair or reimbursement once tiles have been laid if that claim is for defects, size, shade variation, incorrect supply or other faults that should reasonable be obvious before laying commenced.

It is the responsibility of the tiler, builder or homeowner to check tiles before laying them. If there is any concern regarding the quality, size, colour, shade or variation of the batch on site, the tiles must NOT be laid.

Wax is often added during the production of Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles to protect the surface and prevent from scratching during transportation. This residue should be cleaned prior to grouting and is the responsibility of the owner/builder/tiler to make sure it is cleaned off 100%. It may also require a professional cleaning, as we can recommend a cleaner.

If a defect is discovered while tiles are being laid, work must STOP immediately, and Good Buy  Tiles must be contacted. Tel: 1300 246 289 or 02 9620 2700.

Should there be any concerns or questions, please call us here at Good Buy Tiles. Tel: 1300 246 289 or 02 9620 2700.


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